CEO and Senior Leader Coaching

Generational challenges, globalization demands, corporate culture issues — the higher you go, the faster the speed and the more complex the problems. Whether a leader is new to the organization or just new to the role, I can help them cope with the unique demands of the role and become a stronger leader. From the initial transition, to learning how to prioritize and scale at a higher level, to building a leadership team, to developing relationships with stakeholders, I help new leaders during this exciting and stressful time.

Team Coaching

What you want is simple – teams that outperform goals. Basically, create a team that kills it every time. Without killing each other. I help team leaders turn a motley crew of different strengths, different cultures, different generations, different personalities into a highly effective team.

Assessment of Leaders

A business strategy is a plan on paper. You need the right business leaders to realize it. I can understand who your leaders are, and whether this aligns with what the organization needs. As a licensed industrial/organizational psychologist, I will provide nuanced behavioral insights and psychological aspects of performance. As an experienced executive I understand how those indicators will play out in the rhythm, pace and complexity of business life.

Executive Leadership Development

Whether you are developing one, a few, or many leaders, these programs usually cost you money. I design leadership experiences integrated into the execution of the business strategy. This grows your business and de-risks your talent decisions. If a leadership development program could be cool, this is it. I can architect and deliver executive leadership development experiences that will simultaneously build your pipeline of talent for the c-suite, create depth in your succession plan and develop leaders and markets.

Leadership Advisory

You have your business strategy – that’s the goal. But do you know what kinds of leaders and culture you need to make that happen? That’s your leadership strategy. Next, do you have the leaders and culture to make that happen? Decisions about leadership talent are often well-intentioned, but imperfect. I can help you to de-risk those decisions. I’ll identify, in a rigorous, systematic, and comprehensive way, what kind of leadership and culture you need for your business strategy. I will evaluate your leaders and teams and tell you if they’re the right people working in the right climate to get you there.

Private Equity and Corporate Development

If you’re a private equity firm or corporate development team, you need a partner who can help you understand the leadership needs quickly and efficiently so you can make decisions about how the leadership team plays into your investment strategy. Whether its due diligence on an opportunity pre-acquisition, post-merger integration or developing the team on current portfolio companies, I can help you figure out what you have, and what to do with it.

Kovach Consulting Partners

An outsider who’s been on the inside. Large organizations are complex — I know how to partner with your existing teams to help make things happen. That’s my natural approach as someone with real world, insider experience.


If you’re a growing organization, you may not have the knowledge in house. Or maybe it’s a critical need, but not a permanent one. Or you have expertise, but you need to augment what you have. I can offer you the support you need, when you need it.


Assessments written by a person, not a formula. You get bespoke analysis from me that is tailored to your people, your strategy and your industry.


I advise you based on up-to-date research, proven methodology and the latest in behavioral science. I offer you the insight that comes from 14 years in a cutting-edge Silicon Valley company that consistently ranks among the world’s best places to work due to innovative talent practices.

Independence, not a dependency.

As a licensed psychologist, I’m trained to not create dependencies. I will help you find solutions that let you thrive independently. I will leave you with a better organization with stronger leaders.


For more than two decades, I’ve focused exclusively on executive, top of the house leadership. I specialize in the challenges and needs that are unique to the top of the organization. I know how to create impact at this level. And I’ve done it all over the world.


Advising on multimillion dollar investments. Coaching someone into the C-suite. Helping a CEO create his own leadership program. Read here how I partnered with clients.