My first business environment was my dad’s restaurant in Chicago. I developed a travel bug at age 5. And I just happened to take a psychology class at 18 — and loved it. Then I discovered business psychology – applying the principles of psychology to the needs of business. It perfectly merged my small business background with my new discovery of psychology. During a summer break from graduate school for my Ph.D., I went to Paris. I knew then that my career had to merge psychology, business and living internationally. So after graduation I bought a one-way ticket to Budapest — for a nine-month stay. That was four countries and 25 years ago. (Well, I did buy a one-way ticket…)

Since then, I have had the good fortune to work with senior leaders and their teams across the globe – learning about building everything from sports cars in Stuttgart to silicon chips in San Jose. I started out in academia, moved to consulting but have spent most of my career in the corporate world… guess that makes me equal parts scientist, practitioner and trusted advisor. I’m a licensed psychologist – without the couch. Psychology can be useful for leaders who are trying to create growth and maintain a positive work experience, while also building an organisation that seeks to do well while doing good. I use behavioural science to help leaders understand their own (and others’) approaches to work so they can be more effective in an international and digital business environment.

I help executives understand how to lead teams from Boston to Bangalore and Gen Z to Boomers; HR leaders assess leadership potential based on behaviour and judgment, instead of dollars and cents; individual executives maximise their strengths (and manage their egos!) to curtail self-imposed limitations to reach their highest potential , and anyone who needs help applying all the psychology stuff to all the HR stuff  for real-world business solutions. I love to solve the problems that no one else has been able to. I’ve built a unique portfolio of solutions for clients around the world. I have built a training program in Russia for a consumer goods company (that the mafia shot a missile at later); done leadership assessments on planes and team-building exercises via translators, and gone out in the field of my clients so I can better advise them – even when it’s at the bottom of a South African coal mine

And I’ve done the regular stuff in regular conference rooms – counseled on CEO successions, developed high-potential programs, and advised on leadership teams during corporate mergers.

Finally, if you’re a bit of a qualifications junkie, I guess you could say I am too.

Here are a few I’ve picked up along the way: American Psychological Association, member; Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology, member; British Psychological Society, Associate Fellow; European Certificate in Psychology (EuroPsy) and Diploma in Board Governance (FT/Pearson).