Understanding Others: Empathy in the Workplace

Most of us like to believe that we’re fairly empathetic, in the more casual sense of the word, at least. We all want to think that we can understand, even feel, emotions of others, especially when they are vulnerable or in need. And in our personal relationships most of us feel it vital to both receive that support from others and be able to give it when needed.  However, we don’t as often think of empathy in the workplace as a key skill set. To

Tell the Truth – Do you Have Management Courage?

It probably will not surprise a lot of people to hear that being a leader requires courage. You have to make critical decisions about an organisation’s future, for your own success as well as your team’s, and live with the consequences of those decisions. That’s all true, of course. But I’ve been thinking quite a bit about management courage specifically, and how it relates to the effectiveness of leaders. I’ve seen that the most effective leaders over time do not struggle with management courage. While many people may