The last twelve months have hardly been like any other, for so many reasons. And it’s logical to focus on the big changes in our lives that are directly related to the pandemic. But we also are all dealing with the usual major life events, albeit under such strange circumstances. People are still graduating from college, or moving house, or starting families. Those things may not, during a pandemic, look quite the same, but we are still living our lives. And we are still – I hope! –

In my last post, I discussed the ways in which people are discovering that work doesn’t have to look the way we thought it did. There are people working from home that could never imagine operating outside of an office environment. As business travel came to a screeching halt, the most tech-phobic became videoconference frequent flyers. And the importance of non-work life – time with children and partners, working on hobbies or side gigs, and keeping up with friends and family – all received