Dr. Robert Kovach
Robert Kovach



I help leaders become better and teams become stronger.

Leadership is difficult. People are confusing. The soft stuff is really hard. It’s lonely at the top.
That’s what everyone tells you.
But it doesn’t have to be.
I know because I’ve assessed leaders in the air. Consulted in a coal mine. Developed teams via translator. (And all the normal stuff in regular conference rooms too.)

I’m an expert, according to the academics.

No, really – like Ph.D. in psychology, licensed by the government, ten years in an ivory tower sort of expert. I didn’t download a life coach certificate off the internet.

I’ve been consultant and corporate.

Seriously – like eight years in a premier leadership consulting firm, 15 years in Fortune 50 companies. And all of it doing the leading, strategizing, complex thinking – not just day-to-day management.

I’m fluent in global.

Deep international experience – not just staying at the Hilton in Prague. As in, I bought a one-way ticket from Chicago to Budapest when I was 26 and never went back.

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“Make Your Career Path Bulletproof”

by Robert Kovach